Our Handmade Jewelry Process

Our Handmade Jewelry Process

Be a part of the entire design and creation process in Rochester, MN or Charles City, IA

When it comes to designing and crafting delicate jewelry, Dean Jewelers uses old-fashioned techniques that allow for more intricate designs. Our handmade jewelry goes through an in-depth design process to ensure that your design comes out perfectly. We keep you involved throughout the entire design and crafting process to ensure you never end up with a piece of jewelry you don't absolutely love.

Schedule your free design consultation with our expert jewelry designers in Rochester, MN or Charles City, IA to craft your ideal piece of fine jewelry.

A traditional process for timeless creations

Our jewelry designers use an old-fashioned process to design and create beautifully handmade jewelry. Our five-step process includes:

  • Drafting - Your free design consultation is when we'll sketch your ideal design. You can bring in pictures of designs you like for inspiration.
  • Wax carving - After the design is sketched, we'll create a wax mock-up by hand, which allows us to add intricate details to each piece. You can then try on the wax piece to double-check size and shape.
  • Casting - Once you're satisfied with the design, we cast the piece in your chosen material. We can create gold, platinum, titanium and base metals.
  • Setting - We then set the stones in the ring, being sure to stabilize the stone prongs to prevent gems from loosening or falling out.
  • Finishing - The final step is polishing the piece and ensuring that you are completely satisfied with the design and creation.

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