Our Handcrafted Process

Our Handcrafted Process

Be a part of our entire handcrafted jewelry design and creation process in Charles City, IA

When it comes to designing and creating a delicate but sturdy piece of jewelry, Dean Jewelers uses time-honored techniques with modern tools and state of the art manufacturing equipment. Our handcrafted jewelry designs go through an in-depth design process to ensure that your design comes out perfectly. We keep you involved throughout the entire design and crafting process to ensure you never end up with a piece of jewelry you don't absolutely love.

Schedule your free design consultation with our expert jewelry design team in Charles City, IA to discuss how we can make your thoughts and dreams a reality.

A modern twist to a traditional process for timeless creations

Our jewelry designers can start with a pencil and end up with a CAD computer rendering depending on your need. Our five-step process includes:

  • Free Concept Design - Your free concept design consultation is when we'll sketch your ideal design with your input. You can bring in pictures from the web or even scratch out your ideas on a napkin of designs you like for inspiration. Either way we will create something incredible with your input.
  • Free Wax carving - After the concept design is finalized, we'll create a 3-D wax model carved by hand or printed using a 3-D printer. This process will allow you to try on the physical piece and approve even the slightest details. Everything including the design and the wax approval process is done free charge with no obligation.
  • Casting and Polishing - Once you approve the wax design, we cast the piece in your chosen material. We can create your finished piece in 10K, 14K, or 18K gold. Gold is available in white, rose and yellow in all karats. If you choose, we also can make your design in platinum.
  • Stone Setting (As needed) - Dean Jewelers prides itself on setting your gemstones securely to last a lifetime.
  • Finishing - The final step is cleaning and polishing your piece to perfection.

Get started on your original jewelry creation today; contact us to schedule your appointment in Charles City, IA.

Want to learn more about our process? Click the link below to read more about one of our happy customers and don't forget to watch the video!