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Client Story 4

When a Client stops in to talk about a personal design idea, Dean Jewelers is all ears. This contemporary Mother's ring was conceived based on an Original Design we had previously crafted with a twist on the ring concept by the Client to include her children's birthstones. She did not want a traditional or ordinary mother's ring design. She stated, "Sometimes you want something different and something that makes a statement. I want my ring to reflect my personality."
Well our Client was Super excited and will be back to start her next Original Design, soon. She even let us take a photo of the ring on her hand. We have the most amazing customers.
Dean Jewelers, Be Original...

Client Story 3

Dean Jewelers loves to work with the client to fulfill their vision when deciding on a special gift for someone they love very much. With this gorgeous cushion-cut blue sapphire and trapezoid diamond ring, our client was all in on the original concept and basically approved it every step of the design process. Because it is important to get it right, we are committed to listening to you and want this to be your experience and your design. Dean Jewelers wants the end result to be 100% satisfaction in every way. Thanks again to our special customers, we really appreciate your trust and loyalty. Dean Jewelers, Be Original...

Client Story 2

Dean Jewelers has been really busy making dreams come true for our special customers. Check out this wonderful Opal Remount. We took the customer's beautiful freeform Opal and with her help turned it into this one of a kind ring that can be worn every day. She was thrilled and so were we.. Dean Jewelers Be Original...

Client Story 1

Dean Jewelers is proud to introduce it's "Chalice Halo" Diamond Engagement Ring. This ring is designed to be dramatic yet functional. It has a wide bottom to keep the ring from spinning around and always tipping sideways. Let us set your diamond in the center for your anniversary or special occasion. You Deserve It. Dean Jewelers Be Original...

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